The Benefits of Chocolate

chocolate-barDoes everyone call you a chocoholic? Well, scientific studies have proved that your little addiction can actually save your life. A recent study has reported that consuming good amount of chocolate on regular basis can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 37% and strokes by 29%.

Even though experts often advise to eat chocolates in moderation due to high calorie content, it’s hard to deny that chocolates can be a healthy addition to your daily diet. Hundreds of studies have already proved that dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular conditions and promote heart health. In this article, we’ll share some common benefits of chocolate that will definitely have you grab that bar in the refrigerator as soon as you are done with reading.

1. It Can Help You Improve Math Skills

Flavonoids, a compound found in chocolate are rich source of antioxidants. Flavonoids are known to improve blood circulation to the brain. A study conducted in 2009 asked group of participants to count backward from a number between 700 and 899. After drinking a cup of hot cocoa, the participants were able to do mental calculations more accurately and quickly without feeling tired.

2. It Fills You Up

Moms have had always warned about spoiling dinner by eating tempting treats beforehand. Guess, they were right! In recent study, Danish researchers gave 100 g of chocolates to 16 participants, followed by a slice of pizza after a gap of 2 hours. Those who consumed dark chocolate ate about 15% fewer calories than the one who did not have any chocolate. In short, people who are chocolate were less interested to eat more.

3. It Can Make You Feel Better

Chocolates contain phenethylamine – a compound that triggers the production of endorphins. This creates same reaction as the one that people experience when they feel loved or fall in love. Doctors in England at the Mind Lab asked eight couples to eat one square of dark chocolate before kissing each other. All the couples were hooked up to heart and brain monitors. In the result, it was seen that both tasks made participants’ brains buzz and hearts pound, but chocolate doubled the rate of excitation in the brain’s pleasure center, especially in women. Cocoa’s blend of caffeine and sugar produces long-lasting high.

4. It Can Help You Relax

Why not reach for a temptation when feeling stressed? There’s a biological reason attached to the fact that chocolates are a great stress busters. Studies have shown that chocolates contain a compound – Anandamide. This compound activates the brain receptors that are responsible for stress.

5. It Can Help You Live Longer

A study conducted in the British Medical Journal reported that chocolate consumption can help you live longer by almost a full year! Participants who liked indulging in chocolate andy one to three times a month had low mortality rate than the ones that refrain from eating sweet stuff at all. This is due to high antioxidant properties. A study in 2009 also found that heart attack patients who ate chocolate were less likely to die from strokes than those who went without it. It is beneficial to stick to an ounce serving to get the fix without affecting your waistline.

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