How to Setup Your Desert Display

display tableA catering buffet is never complete without delicious desserts, including chocolates and truffles. Truffles and chocolates are smooth and velvety treats that come in a wide range of flavors. You can amaze your guests with an elegantly displayed table containing their favorite chocolates and truffles. Whether you’re concerned about table skirting, linens or bouquets on the table, it is important to be flexible and creative. You need to try different options for displaying a wide range of confectionery treats.

Fresh Linens

It is very important to consider the color of chocolates and truffles while choosing buffet linens and table skirting clips. You need to choose colors that complement the color of chocolates, and entice your guests with the deliciousness of these dessert choices.

When it comes to table linens, the most popular choices include polyester, vinyl and cotton. You need to choose something that can be easily washed. However, it should look elegant. Black linens can prove to be a good choice. On dark colors, food stains are not easily visible.

Buffet Organization

As a general rule, the dessert table needs to be at the end of your buffet. When your guests arrive at the table, you need to focus on the amazement factor. The food and chocolate displays at the event should be exceptional works of art. They should be able to represent the tastes people are going to enjoy.

When it comes to chocolate displays, luxury and elegance are always the key. Since dessert tends to be the last course, you need to be sure that the guests leave the event ahing’ and  oohing’ over the chocolates and truffles.


Display stands can be easily used to create different levels on the table. This leads to more visual variety. You should try to create about four different levels, and stagger them from the front to back on your table.

Table skirting should also be used wisely. This will help you create a stair step visual. You will also be able to create random levels to add more interest. In case you don’t have access to the display stands, you can use different sized boxes. This can help you create different levels. You should cover them with tablecloths.

Keep It Clean and Organized

It’s very important to keep your dessert table clean and organized. A common mistake most people make is to overload the display with a lot of chocolates, decor and levels. It’s always better to keep things simple. You need to understand that subtlety will be your key to success. If you aren’t careful, it can be easily to cross the line from being classy and elegant to cheesy and cheap. In order to keep things organized, you can also use table skirting clips.

Last but not the least, you can use a wide range of materials to accentuate the buffet. Some good choices include flowers, balloons, small figurines, ribbons and more. Candle can also be an excellent choice. You should put labels on different containers of chocolates to let your guests know what they’re choosing.

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