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Chocolate That’s Better for the Earth

Consuming chocolate made from organically grown cocoa is one giant step toward reducing our dependence on petroleum-based agricultural inputs while supporting small growers who intercrop growing as many 6 crops on one small plot. This is a stark contrast with plantation-style growing, where the rainforest is cut down to permit mono-cropping and petroleum-based
agricultural chemicals are commonly used. We believe that the environment has been damaged enough by these POPs (persistant organic pollutants) that kill our lakes and streams.

By selling organic chocolate, we are encouraging cocoa growers to find other ways to combat plant diseases. We’re not talking about living in the past – but we need to live lighter on the earth in order to have a brighter future.

Chocolate That’s Better for the People

Fair Trade certification is a guarantee to processors, handlers, retailers and consumers, that the cocoa beans used in this chocolate were produced in a way that does no social harm.

The U.S. State Department estimates that over 15,000 child-slaves work on plantations in the Ivory Coast. They have been kidnapped or sold by their parents to work from age 8 on cutting cocoa pods from trees and processing them, often at the end of a whip. In other countries of West Africa, children work with deadly chemicals, applying pesticides and fungicides to trees without wearing protective garments and without proper training. Amazingly, some of the cocoa used in popular confections – the chocolate you eat every day is grown and harvested under such conditions.

Fair Trade certification guarantees that you are not an unwitting participant in this very inhumane situation. Fair Trade-certified cocoa only comes from certified farmers’ cooperatives, organized to strengthen their farmer-members economically so they can provide for their families and educate their children.

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